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CRL is a unique multidisciplinary group of radiologists, interventional radiologists, surgeons, and vascular surgeons committed to providing quality radiological and surgical care to the patients of Charlottesville and Central Virginia.  CRL provides subspecialized diagnostic and interventional radiology services as well as a full service vascular medicine program, which includes arterial and venous diagnostic studies, open and minimally invasive surgeries and endovascular surgery.

In the treatment of vascular disease, Martha Jefferson is one of the few hospitals in the country to offer a true multidisciplinary team approach to vascular care.  CRL is dedicated to providing the highest level of technology, medical imaging quality and technical skills while emphasizing compassionate service to patients and their referring medical providers.

All CRL physicians trained at the best institutions in the country and are Board Certified in their specific specialties.  CRL members are active in numerous regional and national societies and maintain quality assurance by regular internal quality reviews.  At present, CRL consists of 6 diagnostic medical imagers, 2 interventional radiologists, 2 vascular surgeons and one general/thoracic surgeon who provide services at Martha Jefferson Hospital and affiliated sites.